Math 290 Elementary Linear Algebra


MW 3-3:50PM


Snow Hall 120


Elementary Linear Algebra, by Larson and Falvo (6th edition).


Shuanglin Shao


Snow Hall 615





Office Hours:

Monday 1 PM--2 PM, and Tuesday 1 PM--3 PM or by appointment

Tentative Course Coverage:

The course will cover the systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, linear transformations and some applications. Roughly these sections will be coverd: 1.1-1.3, 2.1-2.3, 2.5, 3.1-3.3, 3.5, 4.1-4.6, 6.1-6.3, 7.1-7.2, 7.4. If time permits, additional topics will be covered.  


There will be 10 sets of homework and due on these Wednesdays (8/31, 9/21, 9/28, 10/05, 10/19, 11/2, 11/9,11/16, 11/30,12/7 ). Each homework set consists of roughly 15 problems; but only 3 of them will be graded, which will decided after you turn in your homework. The lowest homework grade will be dropped. No late homework will be accepted.  


There will be 3 midterm tests of 50 minutes, which are in class. The lowest of the 3 midterm scores will be dropped.
The midterm exams are tentatively set on the following dates, 9/14, 10/26, and 11/21.
There is a comprehensive final exam; the date Dec. 13, 1:30--4PM , and room to be determined.

Calculator and Crib Sheet:

TI-83/84 or similar Graphing Calculators are allowed in both exams and homeworks. The crib sheets are allowed in exams. For the midterms, a crib sheet is allowed at one side of a half page of 8.5*11 inch; for the final, one side of a full page of 8.5*11 inch is allowed.

Final Grade:

Homework(30%)+Midterms (40%)+Final Exam(30%). Tentatively, a total of 85% will be in the A range, 75% in the B range, 60 % in the C range, and 45% in the D range.

Class Policies:

-Lecture attendance is strongly recommended.
-Group study and discussion are encouraged, however, the home-work must be completed independently.
-You are also strongly encouraged to work on as many exercises as possible.
- No make-up exams without a good reason (a written and signed notice to the Instructor is required.).
-  Please go through carefully the class schedule and mark all the important dates for EXAMS and HOMEWORKS in your calender to avoid any conflict.

Students with disabilities:

If you have a disability for which you may request accomodation in KU classes, please contact the office of the staff of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), 135 Strong, 785-864-2620. Please also see the instructor privately in regard to this course.

Policy on religious observances:

All students in this course who plan to observe a religious holiday which conflicts in any way with the course schedule or requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to discuss alternative accomodations.

Homework Sets:

1st hw (Due in Class on 8/31): Sec. 1.1: 4,6,8,14,52; Sec. 1.2: 6, 12,14,18,30; Sec. 1.3: 3,6,8,25,26.

2nd hw (Due in Class on 9/21): Sec. 2.1: 5,8,12,16,30,34,39; Sec. 2.2: 8,12,16,17,21,24,40,44; Sec. 2.3: 6,10,13,25(a), 36,37,40.

3rd hw (Due in Class on 9/28): Sec. 2.5: 4,8,10,36,38,43,44; Sec. 3.1: 10,12,20,22,30,50,58.

4th hw (Due in Class on 10/5): Sec. 3.2: 26,28,30,32,34,36,38,48; Sec. 3.3: 4,10,24,30,42,61,66

5th hw (Due in Class on 10/19): Sec. 3.5: 4,6,8,15,18,28,43; Sec. 4.1: 20,22,46,48,50; Sec. 4.2: 10,16,26,27,29(b)

6th hw (Due in Class on 11/2): Sec. 4.3: 7,9,16,21,29,34,42,47; Sec. 4.4: 3(b), 20,21,28,33,37,42,48,65

7th hw (Due in Class on 11/9): Sec. 4.5: 3,5,16,28,42,63,68,74; Sec. 4.6: 4,6,8,14,18,27,33,36

8th hw (Due in Class on 11/16): Sec. 6.1: 6,12,15,21,26,55,66,71; Sec. 6.2: 4,7,10,14,18,20,52.

9th hw (Due in Class on 11/30): Sec. 6.3: 4,7,20,25,40,43,46,48; Sec. 7.1: 6,12,20,22,24,28,59,65.

10th hw (Due in Class on 12/7): Sec. 7.2: 4,10,12,18,20,31,32; Sec. 7.4: 1,3,9,10,14,18,20.

The first practice midterm and The key to this practice.

The second practice midterm and The key to this practice .

The third practice midterm and The key to this practice .

Instructions on turning in your homework: Put a cover page on top of your work and staple all pages in the upper-left corner. Write your name on the upper-right corner and nothing else. Please do not write your ID number on the HW and underline your last name on the cover page. Your HW may not be graded if you do not follow these instructions.

Online resources:

This course has been taught before by Professors in the math department; you may consult their webpages for some useful information. See for instance, Prof. Y. Kachi's class webpage , Prof. R. Torres'class webpage (note that our course schedule and format follow closely with that.) and Prof. B.Pasik-Duncan's class webpage .